The Witch's Book of Spirits  - Devin Hunter
I have always been fascinated with witchcraft and have studied it for years. I wish I had of had this book years ago. This is not a read it and pass it on type of book. As a matter of fact it is not a story at all. This is one of those books you will want to add to your reference library and pull it out quite often. This book will teach you many different aspects of witchcraft. It will teach you spells, rituals, and so much more. No it is not a book of spells. It is kind of like a text book of witchcraft and all that is involved. If you have ever wanted to learn the craft or just brush up this is a great book. It is not a cheesy made up fascination it is very indepth. You can learn so much from this book. It will also teach the right way to go about the craft so you do not suffer in the end with mistakes made in spells that can haunt you in the end run. You may even want to have a notebook handy as you read this book, I did.