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Rachel's Dream (Hope Chest of Dreams #3) by Lisa Jones Baker

Rachel's Dream - Lisa Jones Baker

Rachel loves animals. Her favorite horse Cinnamon is very sick, and Rachel is terribly worried about him. Rachel's father calls in a vet Jarred Zimmerman to check on the horse. Almost immediately feelings grow between the 2 more then just for the horse. The 2 are pretty much opposites. Rachel is a bubbly happy the glass is 1/2 full kind of girl. Jarred is kind of dark haunted and moody. As their friendship grows and turns to love Jarred tells Rachel his story of his 7 year old brother dying on his 4th birthday and his parents abandoning him. He is full of guilt believing his brothers death is his fault and that his parents blame him. Another huge difference is Rachel is Amish, Jarred was raised Mennonite and now goes to a Methodist church.


Jarred wants to be with Rachel so much he decides he will join the Amish church and marry Rachel.
Rachel decides that she is going to help Jarred reconnect with his family so he can get past his guilt. But in doing so will Jarred rethink joining the church, can Rachel leave the only life she knows to follow Jarred from Illinois to Ohio. To be together they decide how to make their dreams of life together come true.


This a very good book. At times thoughts took a few to many pages to get through but it was still a great story of love and faith.

I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com to read and review.