Llewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Development - Melanie Barnum

I have always seen things, heard things, and known things that I really shouldn't have. I also read people and it has been proven with people I have never met before but told them all about themselves. Still shocks me even though I have always been able to do it, So when I ran across this book I knew I had to read it. I personally devoured this book I read it in one setting. This book is great even if you think yo have no psychic powers. It comes with an easy to read run down a well as tips. I also loved the lessons. I have tried some of the lessons in the book as i was reading it. I do plan to make some audio files for others like the relaxation and protection bubbles, this way I can listen to them and do as they say like close your eyes, can't do that and read, I love how everything is explained in easy to understand terms, and you are totally walked through each and every section of the book.

I have read a lot of books about psychic powers some have been really great others have been boring drawn out pieces of dribble. This book though is written in first person by the author, you learn her story while figuring out your own. It is not filled with a bunch of scientific jargon that you cannot understand. It also makes everything simple. i really enjoyed reading this book, and can guarantee I will be reading it several times.


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com to read and review.