Old Loves Die Hard - Lauren Carr

Mac Faraday is back. His ex wife shows up drunk saying she wants to get back together. Mac Takes her to the inn and checks her in to sleep it off. The next morning he shows up to meet her for breakfast and finds not only her but her estranged lover,  who she left Mac for, both murdered in Mac's private suite.  


Once sort of  being cleared as being a suspect he has to help his 1/2 brother the Police Chief solve the murders. The strange part of the whole thing is the lover has shown up with a handful of files from Mac's old murder cases. Mac needs to arrest the killer so his Kids can have closure and also to figure out why McGuire was digging around in his old cases. 


I am  huge fan of Lauren Carr. I have read several of her books. I love all of the twists and turns in the books. The books are always pretty fast moving but they also drag you in as well as make you feel like a detective. I usually have a list of my own suspects, but am usually wrong when I pinpoint the killer, with all of the twists. I love how there is a touch of humor, a touch of light romance, and no real strong language. 


I also like that that with the Mac Faraday books, you do not have to read them in order to follow the story line. Each book can be read as stand alone. I have read the last few books of this series already so am back tracking with this book. But it could be the next book in the series instead of being the 2nd book. 


I did listen the audio book. I was quite happy with James C Lewis' narration. his voice is very expressive. He makes you hear what the characters are feeling. I really like that in narrator. He also does a great job with changing his voice for each character.