Deadly Spirits (A Mac McClellan Mystery) - E. Michael Helms

This is my first Mac McClellen book. I had no problems following the story without reading the first 3 of the series.  I have to say Mac is kind of a pig though he has a very serious roaming eye.  No female is safe even women over the age of 60.  That was kind of a turn off to me with this book where I had to keep reading what he thought about every woman he runs into in the book. Other then that at times there was bit to much rattling on for me about things that had nothing to do with the story. But the story itself was pretty good. 


I love the paranormal, I love Ghost Hunting, and I love Haunted houses.  In this book Mac's Girlfriend has talked him into joining the the Palmetto Paranormal Society, which she is a member of. he is a true skeptic but joined anyway to keep his lady happy. On a investigation to a haunted motel, the group president who is also a professor at a local collage, supposedly falls down the stairs and breaks his neck. None of the other investigators hear anything, which makes Mac suspicious.  On their next investigation Stella another member of their group and also the girlfriend of the man who died, tumbles 12 stories over the side of a lighthouse to her death.  There was no way she fell the rail would of been about chest high to the woman. 


Mac is really suspicious now and starts and all out investigation. Is it the group members someone is killing or is someone after whatever the professor was doing?


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via to read and review.