Deader Homes and Gardens - Angie Fox

This is the 4th book in the Southern Ghost Hunter Series, by Angie Fox. This is also the 4th book in this series I have read. I really like Angie Fox's writing style. I love how with each book in the series get more and more intense. This is also a fun series to read, It is full of down home southern charm.

In this book Verity gets a phone call from Lee Treadwell. He asks if she is still hunting ghosts. Verity finally has her first paying client. Her reluctant partner Frankie, the ghost of a gangster who Verity trapped on her property in book 1, is not very happy about the job. He is bored and wants to hang with is old friends who are now ghosts as well. Verity and Frankie make a deal That he can use the back porch to visit with his friends if he helps her. Frankie takes advantage of this deal. He transfers the ghost seeing power to Verity and sends her out on her own.

The Treadwell Mansion has set empty for decades. Te family that lived there all passed away one after another in the house. The Man of the house was a archaeologist and excavated a Egyptian tomb. Soon after he arrived home the whole family passed away. They are all haunting the house along with the Governess, who was the only resident to live.

Lots of very dangerous things happen while Verity is investigating. She almost dies a couple of times. Can she find out hat happened to the family? Can she banish the bad spirit? Can she come out alive?

You can read this series as a stand alone but it is much better to read it as a series.