Death of a Cuckoo: An Esme Quentin Short Read - Wendy Percival

 This was a very interesting story. I have been working on my family tree for over 15 years. So I was very interested i the way this story was written. I feel like a investigator myself at times. I also wish I could afford to hire a professional Genealogist for some of my brick walls. The story was very well written and it was true to life while searching for records. 


The Story is about Gina Vincent. Her mother has recently passed away. While going through the sympathy cards and letters she runs across one from a old friend of her moms. This letter opens a huge can of worms. Gina never knew she was adopted. She decides she wants to know more, but has no idea where or how to start.


Gina hires Esme Quentin. Who is a genealogy detective. Esme and Gina work together to find the answers. While searching for the answers at times things turn dangerous for Gina.


This is a pretty short book. I enjoyed the story. The ending was a bit off putting to though. I wish it ad went a bit more into the aftermath instead of just leaving me handing. other then that it was good.