Cape Cod and the Islands: Where Beauty & History Meet - Kathryn Kleekamp

This book was so much more then I expected when I requested it through NetGalley. I thought I was going to get a quick walk through Of Cape Cod and some pictures. What I got was a full on history, lots of pictures, drawings, paintings, and some fantastic recipes.


The book was written very well and kept my attentions. There are short but very interesting write up about each aspect of Cape Cod and the surrounding Islands. How it all began, about the major towns, the Indians, the cranberry's, the fishing, and oh so much more. Everything you ever wanted to know abut Cape Cod and things you never thought of as well are in this book. It does not read like a boring history books either. The passages are short and filled with information, and you move on to the next subject before you get a chance to be bored, but not so fast it makes your head spin.


There recipes are amazing. I made the Strawberry Breakfast Bread last night as our dessert since I had all the ingredients in the kitchen. It was so good, my husband loved it. There is also a recipe for Cranberry Tart I will be tackling soon. There are other non dessert recipes as well.


This really is a fantastic book if you live in or near Cape Cod or will be visiting. or if you are just like me and love to travel via my easy chair.


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via to read and review.