Restless Spirits - Jean Marie Bauhaus


I love reading paranormal books. And My favorite cast of characters are ghosts.. This book was one of the better ones I have read. I love how the characters were predominately ghosts. There were very limited alive characters in the book and they had tiny parts. One the sister had a bit larger part but it was still a small part. I really enjoyed that this book was written in 1st person or should I say 1st ghost since it was the recently deceased Veronica's story.


Veronica "Ron" and her sister own their own paranormal research group. They finally get a chance to investigate a house all paranormal enthusiasts have been dreaming of. Veronica against her sisters wishes goes to the house alone to get a feel for the place. Once there she is killed and becomes one of the resident ghosts of the house. 


She learns from the other ghosts in the house that Sarah a small child ghost has turned this house into a prison for all of their souls and there s no escape. Veronica does not this news setting down and is determined to get them all out of the house. She knows her sister will come back to pick up the equipment that she brought with her on the day of her death and starts planning how to communicate with her. 


Her sister has always been able to see ghosts but with the way Sarah has their prison set up she knows her sister will not be able to see her. So sh strikes up a plan with the hep of the other ghosts to contact her sister. Eventually Ron figures out what she can and cannot do and how emotions play a part in enabling her to be able to touch things, make herself heard and eventually leave the house. She also figures out that Sarah must be beaten to save all of their souls.


This is kind of a short book, which is good because I couldn't put it down. I read late into the night but finished and was actually able to get some sleep, if it had been longer I probably would of never got any sleep I would of set up all night, 


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via to read and review.