The Morris-Jumel Mansion Anthology of Fantasy and Paranormal Fiction - Camilla Saly-Monzingo, JN Welsh

This book was not at all what I thought I was going to be reading when I chose the book. Don't get me wrong, this was not a bad thing, far from it.  I love history, I love to travel and I love museums or all types.  I love to pick up the books they sell in gift shops on local lore and travel guides for cities and places I am visiting. This book is actually none of these. This book is 14 short but intriguing stories. The mansion itself is the main focal point of each story. I am not sure how much of each story is true, like in the 2nd story it tells about the life of Madam Jumel the 2nd owner of the mansion. Each story is very creative, and whether or not the any of the facts in the story are true or not it is still interesting to read. I would love to some day visit the The Morris-Jumal Mansion in New York.


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via to read and review.