Sorrow's Turn (The Marker Chronicles Book 3) - Danielle DeVor

I have read the first 3 books in this series so far. Book 1 was really good, book 2 I wasn't all that crazy about book 3 (this one) was pretty good. I do like the pretense of the series just not crazy about the lead character Jimmy. Boy needs to man up and get serious instead of being a whiny baby.


Jimmy Holiday is a reluctant exorcist. He is all a defrocked Priest and is living with Tabby a witch, 2 spirits Lucy and Doc, and a cat. I have to say my favorite part of the book was when Tabby told him to quit whining. Jimmy is a real whiner he goes on about everything all the time to the point it really distracts from the story. I guess it a personality trait Danielle Devor has given him but it gets on my nerves. I think if he didn't whine quite to much I would love these books more.

In this book at first Jimmy is getting ready to go to Italy to begin his exorcism classes. he will be taking Lucy with him since her soul is attached to him. Doc will be going to wherever he goes to recharge and Tabby will be staying home. Right before he is to head to Italy they find out that Lucy's body has passed away. Jimmy wonders what will happen to her soul now.


I really don't want to go into much more detail of the book as there are twists and turn in this one and If I go into to detail it will take away from someone who reads my review and then the book. I do lie that in a way this book is more centered on the rest of the main characters we get to know them a little better.