Mama's Knight: A Cancer Story of Love - Aurora Whittet

I would give this book 1000 stars if I could. As a cancer survivor this book is very special to me. My children were not small but were still young when I battled my cancer. I wish this book had of been round to share with them. The book will make a child feel special during a horrible time in their families life. The book is also kind of like a log, that you fill out. The Child is knighted as on the first pages. So they have a special place in the journey.


The story is from a Mama with cancer to their special Knight. To give them love and support as well as helping them to understand the battle. I cried while reading this book and am crying again as I write this. Cancer is a horrible time for anyone and their families. Children especially since they want to help but cannot.


Aurora Whittet has done an amazing job with this book. She can help so many families with her special story and by making every child feel special. This will also help the Mama's by giving them a way of helping them help their child through their harrowing journey.