Penmort Castle - Kristen Ashley

I have to say I chose this book for the Ghost factor. I was a bit disappointed that there was very little ghost until the very end. It is still a okay book if you are into romance though. I wasn't really crazy about the lead characters at all actually all of the characters had flaws. Cash the leading man needed kicked in the nuts a time or 10 and Abby the leading lady needed a good dose of reality upside the head. I just was not as enthralled with this book as most of the other reviews.

Abby has lost her whole family in the last 6 years. Both parents, Grandmother, and then her husband. She decides to leave America and start over in her Grandmother's house in England. She is in desperate need of money to save the house she loves, and ties her to her families memory. A friend of hers tells her about becoming a paid escort for extra money. So she gives it a shot.

Cash is a rich international spy hunter. He is looking for revenge on his Uncle. To get the revenge he needs a professional escort to be his girlfriend for 1 month. Cash hires Abby. He has a long list of requirements Abby must agree to in order to get paid. Reluctantly Abby agrees. Cash is very dominating and has Abby bending over backwards to fill his commands, but she needs the money so goes with it. Shortly after their arrangements begin Cash and Abby both start feeling more for each other then Boss and employee, but neither are willing to admit it to themselves or each other.

The Ghost haunts Penmort Castle. This is Cash's family home and should rightfully be his but his Uncle and family are living their. Cash has recently bought all of his Uncle's debt which includes the Castle but has not told his Uncle. The Ghost is said to kill the true love of each of the men's as her revenge of her death. Abby does not believe she is the true love so figures she is safe. Cash does not believe in ghosts. When Abby gets hurt they both try to explain it away.

Abby ends up calling her Friend, her neighbor, and a few other people in to help send the ghost on and to save her life.