Sorrow's Point - Danielle DeVor

Sorrow's Point is book 1 of the Marker Chronicles. I don't call it scary but it sure is creepy. We get our first meeting with Jimmy Holiday. He is an Ex Catholic Priest. He chose a woman over the church, and not just any woman but a witch. After the witch Tabby and his relationship did not work out Jimmy is now a graphic designer living alone. One night at 3 AM his phone rings, reluctantly he answers. It is Will an old friend he grew up with. Will is in a state of despair. He asks Jimmy to meet with him to talk. Little did Jimmy know Will made the phone call from his driveway. Will asks Jimmy to hep him with his daughter who is possessed, thinking he is still a Priest. Jimmy decides to go with Will and determine for himself if 6 year old Lucy is possessed or not. After arriving he decides he is going to need help so he calls his Ex Tabby. Jimmy contacts the church with proof of the possession but is told they must wait 6 month to get a exorcism. Jimmy knows Lucy cannot last that long so takes it upon himself to perform the exorcism.

The book was pretty good and help my attention from page 1 throughout. I liked how they mixed both religions, Catholic and Pagan. I wish the reactions between Jimmy and Tabby had of been a bit more realistic. I did not particularly care for Will and Tor, Lucy's parent. Their parts in the book could of been improved upon. I get that they were at their wits end but they were really unrealistic. I also felt like the end was rushed. The whole book leading up to the exorcism and it was over in just a couple of pages. The very end is left wide open for book 2, I'm okay with that though since I will be reading it next.