Deep Blue (Deep Blue Trilogy) (Volume 1) - Kathleen Duhamel

After surviving cancer, divorcing her cheating husband, and starting her own art business, 58 year old Claire Martin has another thing on her to do list. She wants to find an older man with a young spirit and have the love of a lifetime, even this late in life. During an art show Robert Silver, the lead singer of Claire's favorite band Deep Blue stops by her booth and chooses not only one of her paintings but her as well. 


Robert is everything Claire has dreamed about in a man. He takes her places, they do things she could only dream of. He even asks her to marry him, which she says YES!! But then his world starts crashing down around his ears. I Clair strong enough to hold them both up?


This was a really good book. I loved the how Kathleen Duhamel brought all the characters together and made them true to life. The story as well as the relationship was a whirlwind but not hard to follow. I did listen to the audiobook and thought it was good. I do wish Laura Witek had of pt a bit more feeling and emotion into the narration but it was still good.