Ghosts and Haunts of Tennessee - Chris Coleman

I recently went to Tennessee to visit my Daughter who lives in Chattanooga. While there as with any city I visit I looked for and found a book about hauntings in the area. This is the book I found. This book contains 28 stories from all over Tennessee, not just Chattanooga where my Daughter lives. While it is not as good as a lot of the Haunting books I have collected over the years it is not bad either. I liked that addresses for some of the haunted locations are included. Most do not come with addresses. I like that there are some fist hand accounts of the hauntings in the book, instead of just the lore. I like that there is some history. Some of the stories were a bit vague though. And in a state the size of Tennessee the writer only came up with 28 stories. I will be taking this book with me next time I go visit my Daughter though and hopefully we can go to some of the places listed. I would love to experience some of the hauntings myself.