The Unlikeable Demon Hunter (Nava Katz Book 1) - Deborah Wilde
The book is about Nava Kats. Ari is Nava's twin brother. At birth it was decided he would grow up to be a chosen one and fight demons. Ari has trained all of his life to be a Demon hunter with a secret order. On the day of his special ceremony where he inducted not the Brotherhood and is supposed to receive his special power the God's or Goddess's have other plans. Instead of Ari receiving powers Nava gets one.

The brotherhood are all male. Now Nava is the first female. She is also untrained. She is met with a lot of reluctance because of being a girl. She is also a real smart alec. Can she be trained and gain the approval of the Brotherhood or will be she killed?

Not a bad book. A little over descriptive in parts. And sometimes repeated non important things multiple times on different pages. This book would be fun for older teens early 20's. I say older because of language and sexual situations and comments. A 13 year old in my recommendation should not read this book. I honestly did not like Nava. She has a real attitude problem. Even on simple things instead of giving a straight answer she pops off with a load of crap. At times I would of liked to slapped her in the mouth. Everything seems to be fun and games to her, but then again the book wouldn't be called the "Unlikeable" Demon Hunter. To me Deborah White done her job there.