Dying on the Vine: A Mystery (Kelsey McKenna Destination Wedding Mysteries) - Marla Cooper

Dying on the Vine is the 2nd book in the Kelsey McKenna Destination Wedding Mysteries. I read book one and liked it very much. I have to say book 2 is even better then book 1, Terror in Taffeta. I like that in a series, When the next book is better then the previous book. It definitely will keep me coming back for the next book. I am gad that Marla kept the main characters from book 1 and kept them the same. I like to get to know the main characters in a series and have them basically the same. I also like getting to know them a bit better with each book and Mara has done that as well.

Who knew wedding planning was so cut throat? Kelsey has a new client and will be her "Day Of" planner for the wedding at the elite Higgins Winery. After talking to the client she finds out that rival wedding planner Bab's Norton was the original wedding planner. Kelsey calls Bab's to not only get her blessing before signing on the client but to also ask for the files she has for the wedding since it is mainly planned already. The next morning Kelsey goes to meet with Bab's where she finds her dead behind the couch.

Bab's assistant Stefan who hates Kelsey for some unknown reason starts passing rumors that Kelsey killed Bab's. Kelsey is not going to take this laying down. She enlists the help of her best friend and wedding photographer Brody to help her find the real killer and clear her name before her life and business is ruined because of the rumors.

Keep up the good work Marla. I will personally be waiting for book 3 in the series to see what wedding planner/armature detective Kelsey McKenna gets into next, and what destination wedding she will be planning as well.