Building Celebration House (The Celebration House Trilogy Book 1) - Annette Drake

I read this book in one setting. It was that good. I love reading about ghosts it is my favorite type of book. This was actually in my opinion a sweet book. I really enjoyed each and every character in the book. I loved Annette Drake's writing style. This book had a wonderful story line, it was well thought out and made me not put it down till the last page. There are only a few colorful words, no f-bombs and no sex scenes.

The book is about Carrie Hansen. Carrie is a cardiac nurse. She has had a rough road over the last few years. She finds out and is given a heart transplant. Her husband leaves her for his younger secretary during her battle with her heart problem. Her beloved father passes away. Now she finds out her transplanted heart is no good. Carrie doctor wants to put her back on the transplant list, but Carrie decides she does not want to go through another surgery and recovery time.

Carrie likes to look online a realtor sites in her spare time. One night she finds a listing for a house listing right down the road from her deceased Grandmothers house. Carrie remembers lots of good times at her Grand Mothers home as a child and decides she wants this house. The house is dilapidated and will need lots of work. Carrie decides to jump on it before her health gets to bad.

On her first visit to the house Carrie sees a woman on the porch and knows immediately she is a ghost. During Carries illness her heart had stopped once and she woke up with the ability to see ghosts. Once she goes to the house more she realizes there are actually 5 resident ghosts. The man who built the house, his wife, their maid and her son, and a soldier. Carrie talks to all the ghosts and let them know she is going to restore the house and open it as a Celebration house, where people can celebrate the happiest moments in their lives, weddings, birthdays, baby showers and more. She lets the ghosts know she is more then happy to share the house with them but they must behave round her guests.

I think my favorite parts of the book were how the ghosts and Carrie get along. How they actually get to know each other. So much so Carrie even allows the ghosts to pick the wallpaper paint, light fixtures and more. I would love to tell you more about this book but then it would spoil it for you. Grab is get comfortable and dive right in.