How To Find Your Dream Dog - Dixie Tenny

When I was looking for a dog I really wish I had of had this book. I do have 2 dogs, and they are more like my kids then pets and I wouldn't trade the for the world. Both of my dogs are over 10 years old and I know one day I will be looking for another one. This book is a very informative guide to helping you choose the right dog for you and your family. I do not believe in picking a dog because it is cute and then taking it to the pound a month later because it chews on everything in the house. If you knew before hand how to choose the perfect pet this would not be a problem and the animal shelters would not be over run with animals. 


When my kids were young, we decided to let the have a dog. We went to the local  and looked at all the dogs available. We foudn the cutest little black puppy. He was a Weimaraner. We had never heard of this bread. I asked the lady working there and she told oh he is a medium sized dog, so we took him home and named hi George. We were in effect lied to. A Weimaraner is kin to the Great Dane. George turned out to a huge dofg and my small children after a few months could not really play with him considering my husband was 6 feet tall and George could stand on his back legs and easily put his paws on my husbands shoulders. George ended up having to live in the back yard. After that there were no more dogs. We switched to cats since we knew how big they would get. If we had of had a book like this I would of never made that mistake. Of course if I had of told the lady we would be back and would of researched more as well I would not of made that mistake. But oh he was so cute and sad looking locked in that cage. 


Anyway back to the book. Dixie Tenny has done a wonderful job bin this book of letting us know just what to expect from Dogs. Not just that they are great companions, but how to take care of a dog, how much work goes into adding a dog to the family, many ways of choosing a dog. Do not go into choosing a family dog blindly. Really research, and thing about it, and read this book.