Wicka: The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake - Christy Deveaux

I picked this book up one evening while on vacation at my daughters. Probably wasn't a good idea. I read well into the night and didn't want to stop when I finally did.  This was a very interesting read. I really enjoyed it. I personally think this book is good for YA and adults both. 


The book is about 17 year old Elizabeth Blake from Michigan. She has recently lost her mom and decides to finish her last year of high school in the South of France. She finds her 1st love, finds out she is a witch, and also finds out she is danger. 


At time the story began to drag a bit with the back story and description taking over in parts, especially at the first of the book. I did like that this book did have actual witch lore sprinkled throughout though. I will be looking for the next book in this series though, to see where Christy Deveaux takes it.