House of Whispers (Ellie Jordan Ghost Trapper Book 5) - JL Bryan

Another great read in the Ellie Jordan series By J L Bryan. This is the 5th book in the series. I have enjoyed all 5 of the books so far. J L Bryan really know how to write series that keeps you craving more at the end of each book. I really like that in a book, series, and author. I also love how the main characters in each book are always the same, I really like getting to know the characters. Each book adds a little more to their story but does not change what you already know about them.


In House of Whispers, Ellie and Stacy are called into a luxury hotel to solve the ghost problem. The hotel is famous for being haunted but lately the ghosts are becoming violent to the guests and staff. So much so they they have killed on of the construction workers. It is up to Ellie and Stacy to get rid of the bad ghosts before anyone else gets hurt. They are also supposed to do this without alerting the guests.