Lost in the Light - Mary Castillo

Lost in the life is paranormal mystery. Yep you get all the great things we red for. There is touch of romance, Ghosts, mystery, and the coolest sounding Granny on the planet.

Dori is a police officer who was shot in the line of duty. While home recovering she decides to buy a old house and remodel it. Shorty after buying the the resident spirit Vicente steps out of the butler's closet. Not only does he introduce himself he also tells Dori what he wants from her. He wants her t find Anna, who was the love of his life.

Vicente was murdered in 1932. While trying to find Anna, Dori also decides to find out who murdered Vicente so he can rest in peace as well.

This story is basically 2 stories in one. You have present day as well as the story of Vicente and Anna in the 1920's and 30's during the prohibition. So you learn about the present and the past. And like I said you get the coolest Granny on the planet as well. I have to say she was my favorite character int he book. She is full of vinegar. She brings a lot of humor to the story. She is never short on smart comments.

This was a very interesting story. I did really enjoy my time with Dori, her family, ad the ghosts. Ghosts are my favorite form of the paranormal genre, and Mary Castillo did not let me down. The ghosts are not scary. There is very little cursing and no strong 4 lettered words, nor any sex in this book. I would call it a clean read.