Ghost Touch - L A Dragoni

Awesome book!! Ghost are my favorite for of the paranormal genre. And this book has plenty of them. I picked this book up around 9 PM and around 2 AM I read the whole thing. I couldn't make myself put it down. I love all of the characters in the book. Some were good some not so much they all had a big part in making this book a real page turner. I can't wait to see what L A Dragoni comes up with in book 2 and if she keeps Tamara and Dex or brings in new main characters. In the book Tamara has recently lost her mother to cancer. She starts having nightmares each night of a different ghost chasing her. Then one night her horse gets out of the stall in the barn and what she sees not only amazes her but terrifies her. There is a glowing light coming from around the barn door. As she goes out to see what is going on hundreds of souls come out of the barn. She makes friends with Cal, one of the ghosts. He tells her just enough about the void to keep her afraid to go near but yet he wants her help to cross over all of the spirits in the void. The spirits re allowed out each night from 1:30 to 1:45 AM. During this 15 minute time Cal and Tamara start a friendship bordering a relationship. Tamara eventually calls in her friend Dexter from work to help her with her ghostly problem. Both man and ghost become jealous of each other and the others relationship with Tamara. But they muddle through to do the right thing.