Exile - Sally Ann Melia
Exile is book 3 of the Guy Erma and the Son of Empire Series by Sally Ann Melia. This series is not a stand alone series. In order for this book to make a really great story for you, you must read book 1 - Kidnap and book 2 - Hunter. In Book one you meet all the characters, in book 2 the story really heats up and now we are in book 3. The story is about Teodor who is Heir to the throne of Freyne, who has been kidnapped. And Guy Erma who is the son of a fashion model, his father is unknown, and his birth unregistered, so basically a street kid. Both boys are 13. Teodor and Guy are total opposites, They become friends, even though thy don't know whether to trust one another or not. Teodor is trying to get home and back to his life and Guy is trying to run away and find a new life. Will they make? The worst part about the book is having to wait until book 4 comes out. There are some amazing pictures in the books, they are well worth looking at. This series of books is aimed at Young adults, it is a science fiction story / adventure. Sally has done a wonderful job with this series. Each book starts where the previous book leaves off. There is an appendix at the back of the book that will help you follow the characters and places better.