Near The Wild - Maureen Willett
This was a great book. It caught and held my attention all the way through. It is more of a historical romance and a pioneer story then a mystical magical story. I did enjoy it though even if I chose it for the magic aspect.
In the book The MacKeighry's leave Ireland to come to Kansas to start a new life in the 1870's. There are lots of adventures along the way and a lot more once they finally reach Kansas. The main Character of the book is Maeve. She is a young woman coming of age. She has a friend no one else can see. His name is Finn and he is a Leprechaun. Mauve is in love with him but it is a love that can never be as Leprechaun's and humans cannot be together. Once the family is in Kansas Mauve falls for human's, 2 of them actually. Her story goes from there. I do not want to give the book away though.
The book gets a little slow at times but those times did not last long thankfully. I do wish Finn had of had a larger part in the book. After all the book was supposed to be about Cowboys and leprechauns. There really wasn't a lot of cowboy either.
I do like Maureen Willett's writing style, the characters are well done very well. I did like the historical part of the book as I am a history buff. I would like to read more of this families story in the future.