Loreena's Gift - Colleen M. Story
Let me start by saying WOW!! This was a great book. I could not put it down, I couldn't sleep needing to know what happened next so got up and read some more.
Loreena has a gift or a curse depends on who you ask. If she touches the palm of hand to your hand you will die. Loreena delivers you to your afterlife.
When Loreena was 9 she lost not only her mother but her sight in a tragic car accident. Her older brother and her went to live with their Uncle Don who is a preacher. When Loreena was around 15 she thought something was wrong with her hands. They always smelled like sulfur no mater how much she washed them. She really did not know about hr gift until one day she took the hand of a friend and he passed away, and she delivered him to his afterlife. Her Uncle Don convinced her to help people who had terminal illnesses. He would set it up and take her.
One day while helping someone her Brother shows up, he has been gone for 3 years after a fight with Uncle Don. In tow is his Girlfriend, who is also the Daughter of the person she had just helped. From there everything in Loreena's life gets turned upside.
Now that you have had a peek into the story you must read this book to find out how everything turns out.