Out from the Underworld - Heather Siegel
Heather Siegel will really make you stop and think, and more then likely thank your lucky stars for the life you have had. You will run the gamut of emotions with this book. You will cry, not only in sadness but fear, anger, relief, and happiness. You will be mad, sad, scared, horrified, happy, glad, and more.
This book is inspiring also. What Heather and her siblings went through and still pulled out of it, is just amazing. I could of made a hit list from this book, their Father, grand parents, the foster parents, they didn't deserve to be walking free enjoying the aspects of life. They all needed to be locked up, or better yet treated just the same as they treated these girls.
But the best part is How Heather puts her life together and shines.
This book will keep you from page one, and almost make you feel lost when you read the last word. You will think about this book for a while after you finish reading it.
I have to commend her for putting her story out for the world to read.
I was given my copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.