Melancholy Ghost - Kat Mayor, K.M. Montemayor
If you read my review of The Spirit Chaser you can see I love this series. I was absolutely thrilled to see this 2nd book. I dove right in and did not climb out until the last page then I pouted because it was over. I cannot wait for the next book to come out.

In this book, Austin is back. He is not aware that he is dead and his thinking process is scrambled and no memory of being dead or how he got there. Prudence a ghost from the first book is back as well. She is the one who found Austin and brought him to Casey.

The team has agreed that until Austin is more ready mentally to know he is dead they should act like he is still alive and not tell him. This actually goes on for far to long. As memories start to slowly return Austin becomes more and more suspicious and finally he runs across the film of his death at SCI and everything comes crashes in on him, and what he believes is the betrayal of his friend and love of his life for not telling him. In a fit of rage he takes off, luckily Prudence follows him and gives him a pep talk and also helps him learn how to manage his afterlife.

I'm stopping there with the story review I don't want to go into any more detail and ruin the whole book. This is a must read as a series. The 2nd books picked up right where the 1st left off. The ending of this book leaves the story to continue in the next book. I cannot personally wait for book 3. This is one of most interesting series I have read. Usually when I read a series unless I have all the books I don't usually pick the series back up later unless I just happen across the next book. This series I have had this 2nd book on my TBR list since finishing the first a while back. I will be adding the next book as soon as I know the name of it. I also have the author on Good Reads and subscribe to her email so I can keep track.

I love how this series if full of detail but not overwhelming. The details are pretty much important. Some books pack in details and you can skip over them but with this book you pretty much need the details which are more like clues, almost like a mystery. I still love how Kat Mayor makes everyone a star of her books, everyone has a staring roll in the books. They each play a key part in making this series as great as I feel it is. This book didn't have as much of a scare factor to me as the 1st book but it was pretty much about Austin. Not to say that there were not plenty of investigations by the crew during the book, and not to say that there was no scare factor. One investigation in this book did have a really creepy scare factor to it more then the others, you will have to read the book for that though..

Hurry up Kat and get book 3 out to me!!!