Special Levels of Earthly Hell: A Story of Demonic Possession Inspired by Actual Events - Merry Freer
This is one of those books that what I get from the book another reader will get a different impression. So I am not going to tell you my impression of the story, because if I do and you read it totally different then I do you may bee upset. Don't want to upset anyone.
I will say that I think Drew went about taking care of business sometimes in a very wrong way. I do know that being an atheist he does not believe in the Demon realm and his unwillingness to consider his beliefs may not always be right he may have made things worse at times. As well as he needed to involve his wife in ending this. She needed to fight too.
The book is pretty well written there a few spots where it gets a bit long winded on details, a few places it started to jump around and I had to re-read a few passages in order to catch myself back up. But with this being said it is actually a book I found myself not wanting to put down. There are spots in
the book I wish I could of been in front of Drew and just grabbed him by the ears and screamed into his face "What are you thinking".
This book is based on a true story, some fiction has been added as well as changing names places, and some details.