Find the Cutes, book 2: Festival Fun (seek and find books for kids, look and find books for boys and girls, fun look and find book) - Celestial Noot, Vincent Noot
This is honestly a awesome book. It is a find it book, and who doesn't love a find a it book.The book was actually written for kids 5 and up, which includes me I am a kid way over the age of 5 but I personally really enjoyed the book. The illustrations are very vibrant and fun. In the book The Cute's Family are celebrating different holidays. Some of the holidays I have never heard of, like Tomato Festival. This festival began in Spain and you literally throw squashed tomato's. I have never heard of this festival, but it did make me run straight to my go to search engine and find out more. I LOVE that!!! Each page of the book is about a different Holiday, festival, or celebration. There is a short blurb about each one and list of things to find in the picture. Some of the things may be a little hard for kids like a Buddhist Monk, simply because a 5 year old has no idea, but that is where PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT comes in!!! Oh Yes my favorite part. I love it when parent and child work together. Thanks to the Nook's this is included in their books. I think both of the Noot's have done a AWESOME job with this book. I also have their 1st book Find the Cutes book 1, Playtime .

I was given this book in exchange for my honest review.