A Thousand Salt Kisses Later - Josie Demuth
My Review:
I have read both A Thousand Salt kisses the first book in the series and now A Thousand Salt Kisses Later. I have to admit I did enjoy this book more then the first one. But I also have to say you do need book 1 to make total sense out of this book.

In the first book Crystal is 17 and moves to Starfish Island and the story begins. In this book Crystal now is 21 and comes back to Starfish Island for the first time since that summer 4 years ago. She has now graduated from college, has fallen in love and been heart broken, she has no job and decides she has not other choice but to come back. When she comes back she thinks she has outgrown her feelings for Llyr, but almost immediately on her arrival she finds out how wrong she is. Llyr has also buried his feelings and moved on and is now engaged to be married. Crystal also has her own magical secret which could make or break everything.

I really enjoyed the more mature Crystal then I did the teenager. I enjoyed exploring the Mer world more then was in the first book as well. I like the magical aspect of the book also. The story moves along at a good pace and is not overly descriptive. I will be looking for more books by Josie Demuth.