Aoleon The Martian Girl: Science Fiction Saga - Part 3 The Hollow Moon - Brent LeVasseur, Brent LeVasseur
This is book 3 of the Aoleon The Martian Girl series. To get the most out of this book you must read books 1 and 2 first.
As with the first 2 books of this series the Amazing artwork is still here. The story line is great but the artwork is just amazing.
In book 3 Aoleon and Gilbert are investigating the Luminess. They have to break into the palace. After breaking into the palace they over hear the Luminoss discussing sabotage and war. He is going to sabotage the Galact plant, which is the source of the Martians food, then he wants to steal the Earth's cows.
In book 3 the action really begins. Pretty much all through book 3 with almost every turn of the page, Aoleon and Gilbert find themselves in a new situation.
I am not a child, I am not a big fan of Sci- Fi, but I can't wait to read book 4.