Hunter - Sally Ann Melia
This is book 2 of the Guy Erma series. In book 1 Teodor, heir to the whole Freyne Empire was kidnapped by the Battle Borg's of Dome. They are a very vicious group. They were Living soldiers who were killed in action. Their broken bodies were remade and reincarnated into half man half machine, and used to protect the Dome. But someone has decided to use them in other ways, mainly by kidnapping Prince Teodor. Guy Erma's dream is to be a member of the Dome Elite. He is offered a chance to fight his way into the Elite, but is it a trick? This is in a nut shell a story of a fight for power, and to one man he isn't real concerned who he has to take out to get what he wants. You do have to read this series in order or you will be lost. To me this set of books would be appreciated the most by teen boys. It is of the sci-fi genre. It is full of action, adventure, some thriller. There are some really awesome pictures in the books.