Twelve Spirits of Christmas (Tessa Lamar Novels, #2) - Kathryn M. Hearst
First I liked the fact that this book takes place in a real place and real close to where I live, it takes place in the Orlando area. I can relate to the I-4 corridor, and the construction there. I live about 1 1/2 hours from Orlando.

This is my first book written by Kathryn Hearst, and my first Tessa Lamar book. I do wish while reading this book I had read the first book as well since there were a few spots I was wondering what or who they were talking about. I did make it through without the first book without being to lost though.

The book is a very busy book. It plays more on the personal side of Tessa's life then finding the killer. I did feel a bit bad for poor sex starved Tessa but after a while I got a touch bored with her hormones. Other then that I really enjoyed the story.