Luke's Redemption - Anni Fife
Luke's Redemption is Anni Fife's first book and is also the first book in the King Security series. I have to say I was shocked and amazed at how well this book was written. I have read some books by seasoned writer's that have nothing on quality of this book. I really loved how well her characters were thought out. They were totally believable and well rounded. I loved how the book all though descriptive was not overly descriptive to the point of just taking up room on the page. I really enjoyed how the story seemed like a real event, it was believable. The story was suspenseful, had some sweltering hot scenes, was also heart wrenching at times. I had a hard time putting this book down, who needs to eat or sleep when you have Luke and Katya. I can't wait for book 2.

Luke is a undercover DEA Agent. Katya is the daughter of a Russian Mob Kingpin. When she runs away she steals a flash drive and Daddy want's it back. Luke is undercover in the Russian Mob and to gain trust he is sent after the flash drive. He is not expecting Katya to steal his heart. She is not expecting him to steal hers, or the flash drive. Then he is gone.

Until 5 years later, when they are thrown together again. Will she forgive him for walking away or not. Read the book and find out for yourself.