Two Hearts: When I Said I Do, I Meant Forever - James Eric Richey
Two of hearts is a romance novel written by a MAN!! It is one of the better romance novels I have read lately also. James Eric Richey has written a great story as far as I am concerned. The book is about Jaxson and Annie. Jaxson and Annie are high school sweethearts who are from different backgrounds in a small Montana town.
Jaxson's family is a very loving, caring, close nit, ranch family. Annie is from a house of divorce. Jaxson is going to ask Annie to marry him, but first he must find gold in the old mine on his families property to make her a ring. No store bought ring will do. He wants to give her a piece of himself not just a piece of metal. Yep I am in love with this man already. Jaxson find the gold, makes the ring and asks Annie to marry him, who immediately says yes.
Annie's mother is not happy about the impending marriage. Growing up a child of divorce and her own failed marriages, she plants a seed in Annie's head that there is no happily ever after. As hard as Annie tries she cannot get this doubt out of her head, and cannot truly trust Jaxson.
It also doesn't help that women fall all over themselves over her stunning husband.
As time goes the 2 finish college and move away to start their own lives when Jaxson finds out his family is in desperate need of money so he decides to find the old mine again. This is when the true trouble in their lives begin. The seed Annie's mother planted now grows into a full bush of distrust. You will just have to read the book to find out if they get past these problems or if they loose each other.