The Enterprising Chipmunk - Gramps Doodlebug
A really cute story about a really resourceful Chipmunk. Khalee is a chipmunk who loves to dig holes but really didn't like hunting for food. He also is a picky eater. One day his parents tell him he needs to stop digging and start hunting for food, so Khalee goes out looking, he comes across a squirrel eating dead bugs, which makes him squeamish, so he keeps walking, he finds some mushrooms and takes them home proud of himself. his parents not so much and they tell him he needs to try again the next day. The next day he finds and picks some sunflower sprouts and takes them home only to find out he stole someone else's food.
Khalee then decides he he will go far away from his home and find some food. He runs into a mouse who gives him some leads on food, as well as helps him some. Khalee ends up outsmarting a fox and a snake but in the end he gets the food he went after.
Gramps Doodlebug sent me this book for my honest review, and honestly I applaud him for a terrific story. The story would be great for kids between 6 and 10. It also has some great pictures, that might even keep younger kids attention. The adventure is fun but also has a few lessons included.