Promise Lodge - Charlotte Hubbard
I do not often read books known to have a religious flair to them, I am more into paranormal and romance. At first I passed this book up, but the more I thought about the blurb the more I wanted to read it. The blurb just made this book intriguing to me. Now that I am finished with the book, I must admit, I am so glad I changed my mind. I will also be looking into other books like this one.
I really enjoyed the book and would love this to turn into a series. I would love to know more of the story on how the Promise Lodge turns out once it is really up and running. I made friends with the characters in this book the few days I spent reading it.
Contrary to my belief when I first looked at this book, there really was not that much religion in the book. And I have nothing against religion, after all my Father was a ordained minister. I just usually find that religion based books are usually more of a Sunday sermon then a story. This book was a wonderful story.
In the book 3 Old Order Amish sisters, 2 are widows one is a Maidel, their children and a friend who happens to be a Preacher, all sell their farms and buy property to start their own colony. Which causes lots of slack with their friends they left behind as well as their religious leaders in their old colony. The family and friend set out to make their wish for a new colony come true. The property they buy used to be a old church camp. There is a large lodge house, several cabins, barns and more but everything need lots of repairs. As they all work on the place another old friend shows up. Deborah is also one of the boys ex-fiance.
As the story goes on, you get to see if Noah and Deborah work out their problems, if they are able to fix up the old camp and make a go of their dreams. It really is a very good story.
I really hope Ms. Hubbard decides to make a series out of this book. I would be the first one to read it if she did.

I was given my copy in exchange for a honest review. And honestly, I really really enjoyed this book.