INDIA - Debra Schoenberger
I would love to give this book many many stars 5 is just not enough. As With Debra Schoenberger's other photography books I was left breathless with the beauty she shows in her photos. This book focuses on the Country of India not just one city.

There are so many awesome photos in this book I cannot pick just 1 that would be my favorite. The photos show not only the beauty of India but the everyday, like people going about their daily lives, business, shopping, and more. The sad, some of the run down areas, some areas look to literally be falling down around the people. Some scary like the electrical wires. Wow I would be terrified to walk under that wire mess much less plug something into the electricity. Then there are the cute, I loved the one of a dog laying under a 3 wheeled motorcycle, it really wasn't anything special that caught my eye, I really can't explain it, it just was awesome to me. There are cows just in the streets, lot of dogs and cats. Some wildlife and so much more. I loved all of the color in the photo's one simply has a lady holding a umbrella in front of her in front of an alley, the picture was taken up the alley from her and it was just great.

I love Debra's photography books. She has a wonderful eye for taking photos that really catch the readers eye as well as the imagination. Her books make great coffee table books. They are to amazing for a book shelf.

My Grand Kids also looked through this book with me and they are 2 and 4. They loved the pictures as much as I did. After we finished the book, my 4 year old Grand Daughter looked through the book again on her own. he spotted new and different things in some of the pictures then she did the first time around. This to me makes the book even more special.