The Murders at Astaire Castle (A Mac Faraday Mystery) - Lauren Carr
I actually listened to the audio book but cannot find a listing for it.

My Review:
In this book Mac Faraday has inherited all of his late mothers possessions. Including a Hotel and a castle. He knew nothing about the castle until a conversation came up about murders at the castle some years before and a missing man. He decided to go see his castle. While there he finds the remains of his favorite author and they run into the man who has been missing for years. The man believes he is a wolf man. After his visit to the castle the body count starts to build again.

The story line was great. Lauren Carr done a great job with this book. The Audio book would of been more enjoyable for me if Dan Lawson the narrator had of used a more conversational tone and did not over enunciate so much. He was definitely reading I felt like if he would speed up a bit I would of enjoyed the audio book a lot more. The narrator can make a break a great book for me.