First Contact (Haunts for Sale Series) - Kat  Green, Kat de Falla
First Contact is the 1st book in the Haunts For Sale series by Kat Green, In the book Sloan Osbourne is a paranormal investigator and a real estate agent who secializes in selling haunted houses. Sloan has never actually seen a ghost but has all of the equipment she needs to be able to tell if a house is haunted or not. Sloan has a client and who is looking to purchase a house but wants to know if it is haunted or not. Sloan is more then ready to investigate this huse. It is also the anniversary of the death of her finace.
Sloan's fiance Michale was killed in a car accident as they were headed to get their marriage lisence 1 year ago. He always used to use a year and a day as a time reference for things, like when giving something time like a new job give it a year and a day, if you don't like it quit, and so on.
Sloan feels like if she does not make contact with Michael on the year and a day anniversary she will never be able to, and what better place to try then a haunted house. That is all I am going to tell you about the story, I don't want to ruin it.
I was very impressed with this book. It grabbed a hold to me on page 1, and left sad knowing I have to wait for the next book. This truely was a great book. I loved how it stayed interesting and to the point with out boring me with unneeded details. For the most part if there was a detail abotu something you needed it either to keep track of the point being made or you would need it in another later part of the book.
The characters in the book were awesome and life like. They had feelings and emothions that jumped off the page and made you feel sad or happy or whatever for them.
The story kept moving, it did not stall out. It was almost a roller caster at times. I personally really like that. I do not enjoy books that get stagnent. This book never did.
I am also a paranormal junkie. My favrite is ghosts and this book was full of them. I really ejoyed this book. Hurry up Kat and bring us book 2.