Alexander's Blood Bride - Lorelei Moone
This book reminds me of Cinderella. But it is Cinderella meets a Vampire.
Catherine "Cat" is a homebody and her Friend Shelly is a party girl. Shelly gets a invitation to a Halloween Ball and convinces Cat to come with her. Even though Cat agrees to go she really doesn't want to. Once at the ball several people/vampires start eyeing Cat. Cat ends up leaving almost falling into bed with Alexander. Alexander abruptly ends the ball on her departure.
Neither Cat nor Alexander know Cat is a Blood Bride. Alexander just know he wants her. When a council member explains it to Alexander, he now understands why he was so drawn to her. He also knows he must protect her. A Blood Bride has blood so potent it has a profound effect on vampires that will cause them to loose control.
Cat on the other hand knows nothing. She begins dreaming of Alexander. Her dreams start to explain things to her, like that Alexander is a vampire. She is also being stalked. She knows in her mind without being told that Alexander will protect her though.
This is a pretty short book but it never slows down. The romance in the book is kind of steamy but also very sweet. Lorelei Moone has done an awesome job with this book. Cannot wait for book 2.