Sincerely, Carter - Whitney G., Joseph Discher, Jennifer O'Donnell
This is a story about 2 people who were mortal enemies until 1 day in the 4th grade when they became best friends. Now as they are about to graduate from college they are still best friends. They have seen each other through the boy friends and the girl friends, and are more like brother and sister then just friends. On Day Carter is in a car with some friends waiting on Arizona to come and get in. As he watches her walk towards the car he sees her in a whole different. He doesn't say anything but thoughts begin to run through his mind. Later on that day as Arizona is standing in the store waiting to be waited on she glances out the window and finds herself seeing Carter in a whole new light as well. Neither know the others thought at the minute. Can best friends for most of their lives, someone who knows every secret you have, become that one true love you have been looking for?

This is a pretty good story. I like the way the story kept moving, instead of getting stagnant and dragging. Something seemed to be new with each chapter. Whitney Garcia Williams has done a very good job with this story. Joseph Discher and Jennifer O'Donnell done an amazing job bringing the story and character alive with their narration of the book. You could definitely feel the mood through the timbre of their voices.