Loves of Our Lives - A.C. Chenier
This story is about Katie, a Happily Married young woman on the verge of getting the career she has always wanted. Her Best friend Maria is loosing her battle with cancer and gets Katie interested in Past lives. To both of them they believe this will help them both when Marie looses her battle.

Katie's husband is Wade. Wade and Maria have never really gotten along, and all of the time Katie is spending with her is not keeping Katie's marriage happy. Wade went away on a business trip and since his return he has not been the same loving man that left. This man that came back is domineering and self centered.

The more Katie gets into the past life regressions the more she feels different about her life and some of the choices she has made.

Loves of our lives is the first book in A.C. Chenier's Past lives Series. I was quite excited to be given a review copy of this book and couldn't wait to read it. I have done a lot of studying and reading about past lives. It is a subject I actually find very interesting and intriguing. Maybe if I was not so interested in the subject the book would of turned about better for me. The regressions in the book are pretty unrealistic to actual regressions. The regressions drag on and on until I wanted to scream as nothing about them brought any prospective, but yet Katie knew several of those people in her past immediately as people in her present. The story kind of drags and bounces a bit around in the first half of the book. After you forget everything you have ever heard about Past Lives, and get past the first half of the book, and if you don't mind 2 stories in one book, as the past and the present become 2 separate stories in the book.