Look and Find book for kids: Find the Cutes: Playtime (The first, fun seek and find book for children in the series) (Look and Find books: Find the Cutes) - Vincent Noot, Vincent Noot, Celestial Noot
This is honestly a awesome book. It is a find it book, and who doesn't love a find a it book.The book was actually written for kids 5 and up, which includes me I am a kid way over the age of 5 but I personally really enjoyed the book. The illustrations are very vibrant and fun.
In the book we follow the cute family as they visit different places. Each page is a different place, the zoo, the toy store, ETC There is a short blurb about the place on each page and then a list of what to find on the page a duck, a cowboy hat, ETC, some of the things a child would need a little help from an adult to find like a ying yang bathing suit, which to me insures parental involvement, and I love that!!!
I think both of the Noot's have done a AWESOME job with this book. I also have their 2nd book Festival Fun.

I was given this book in exchange for my honest review.