Carnal - Victoria Danann
I must start with I have not read the other books in this series and did get a little lost at times. But I got found real quick. I was pretty much drawn into this book from the first few pages. I rode a emotional roller coaster while reading this book. I am now in search of the rest of the books to this series, so I can start at the beginning and hoping by the time I get through this book a 2nd time the next book will be out and ready to be read.

I am not going to tell you about the book, I don't want to give this story away. I will tell you to shove a tissue or 2 in a pocket, you will need it. Be prepared for your family to think you have gone nuts when you laugh historically in a few places of this book as well. This book will make you fall in love at times, it will make you chant and cheer at others, as well as want to rip a page out 2 out and throw them against a wall.

The Characters and writing style are both something I really appreciate and crave in a book. I loved the characters, they will really make you think this Fantasy place could be real. The writing style of this book flows nicely, a times Ms. Danann takes you to the brink then backs off. She is great with a full description of people and places but knows when to stop and does not leave you bored. You will be longing for more at the end of this book though.
Thanks for a great story!!