Cooking for Ghosts - Patricia V. Davis
My Review:
When I chose this book I knew there would be ghosts. These ghosts are not the normal creepy type of ghosts though, At least not to our 4 stars. They are just like normal live people. I loved how they would pop up and even at first I didn't know they would turn out to be ghosts. Ms. Davis dropped clues though and if you weren't paying attention you would miss them. With each siting there were more clues.

The story is about 4 women who met on a food website. As the 4 of them converse they learn that they all have the same hopes and dreams of a owning a restaurant, and that each of the 4 would bring their own expertise to the restaurant. They end up with a chance on the RMS Queen Mary. The Queen Mary is perfect. Each of the 4 women have their own personal ghosts and so does the Queen. As the women personally meet one of the Queen's ghosts they learn the lessons the need to be able to start their lives over.

This really was a great book that I enjoyed very much even though it was nothing like I thought it would be.