Ghost Walking - Ally Shields
This is my kind of book. I loved it. I love the paranormal where Ghosts are involved. I love cool kind of nuts lead characters. I love a book that drags you in almost immediately and leaves you craving more on the last page. I got all of that and more with this book. I also have the 2nd book in the series ready to go and I hope the 3rd book is close behind.

This story flowed nicely, left me on the edge of my comfy chair at times, made me laugh a few times, but kept me engrossed the whole time. Books like this are rare to find.

This is my first book by Ally Shields but it definitely wont be my last. I really liked her writing style. Her characters are strong and life like, even the ghosts. I like to take a break from reality with a good paranormal book and this one gave me a break I was really needing. I hope the 2nd book is just as good and that this series has a long life as I am addicted.