Fated Hearts - Becky Flade
I wish I could give this book more then 5 stars. I really fell deeply into the book. I couldn't put it down. I was roped into immediately and honestly wish it had not ended.

The main characters of the book are Henley Elliott and Carter McAlister. Both have painful secrets and both are trying to heal from their secrets.

Henley has had a rough life she was in a coma during college due to a beating and woke up with a special ability of being able to feel others feeling by touching them. She became a psychiatrist in Cleveland Ohio and got to close to one of her patients, afterwards had a mental breakdown and embarrassed her influential family. Then she ran away from everything. One day 2 years later she ends up in Trappers' Cove, Minnesota when her car breaks down.

Carter McAlister was a police officer in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. After being shot on the job and his partner was killed, Carter has his own skeletons to run from. He packs up and moves to Trappers' Cove and becomes the Sheriff in the tiny town.

Now that the 2 are in the same town can they find each other and heal their pain together? Can Carter protect Henley from the unseen and unknown danger that is following her? You will have to read it to find out.

This book pretty much has everything in it. It has romance, some paranormal, some love, some hate, some danger and more. It is a pretty clean book. There are come curse words, the couple of sex scenes are not very graphic.

I really liked that though the story was pretty detailed the details did not drag on or bore me by over doing it. There was just enough to bring the story to life in my minds eye. I loved how the story line raced along but did not leave me lost. It did not bounce from one thing to the next but flowed.

Becky really brought not just the main characters but all of the characters in the book to life. I do wish there was an epilogue at the end so I could peek in and see how great their happily ever after was if there was one. Which I am positive there has to be.